ESHELY Company is engaged in the design, development and production engineering of products, systems and means of production in the fields of metal, plastics and composite materials. The experience and know-how of the company accumulated over decades, enables it to handle projects in various fields, from the development of mechanical mechanisms, mechanical gauges, mechanical engineering, designing and making parts from composite materials, electronic packaging and the design and manufacture of plastics parts.

ESHELY Company specializes in practical technological solutions, for projects that require integration of design, materials and manufacturing methods. The ability to provide a complete solution to technological problems, saving time and money.

ESHELY specializes in guiding entrepreneurs and companies from initial concept to final model development. We use the most advanced tools in engineering, ergonomics, manufacturing technologies and design to develop an optimal model for the developer which will serve all of his goals in terms of maximizing the product's capabilities and effective visualization tool in front of investors and marketers.

ESHELY Company was founded in 2005 by Mr. Yair Eshel used today as CEO.
The experience of Mr. Yair Eshel industry starting in IAI (Israel Aircraft Industries) in manufacturing of aircraft parts.
After engineering studies he began working as a junior designer of aircraft control systems engineering division of Israel Aircraft Industries.
From there he went to work in an IMI (Israeli Military Industries) in the division of manufacturing small arms weapons easy roles: product engineer, director of engineering projects and development of small arms in all aspects required, and transporting domestic and international markets
Beginning in 2005, ESHELY started developing ideas, patents, products, and manufacturing products independently including business development and establishing a production line.
In 2007, Mr. Yair Eshel established production line gas masks for babies, in IMPERTEC Company from specification to production line produce thousands of masks per day.

In 2010, invited Mr. Yair Eshel again to IMPERTEC Company to establish a new production line for gas masks, the project was approved by all the relevant institutions, and the line went into mass production to supply the requirements for the IDF.