ESHELY Company accumulated experience of decades of cooperation with manufacturers in the country and the world at existing technologies, such as : Various types of machining, Composites materials , Investments Castings , Sand Castings, Forgings, Erosion, Plastic Injection, Rubber Parts and more ... We adapt the product to the appropriate company and attractive price, out of largest pool manufacturers  with whom we work.

Manufacturing in China

For the past five years, we work with companies and factories in China in many areas, the company has developed an excellent relationship and ability to work from a list in front of the Chinese companies, all because of the ability and experience to transfer complicated technical material in a clear manufacturer. If necessary, we use external factors for ( QA) quality assurance of the products.


We make prototypes in our country and China, in all kinds of materials and manufacturing process. Usually we aim to make the prototype stuff planned, including thermal treatments and coatings if required. This saves time and money in the development process and put into production of the product.




More services:

Engineering and mechanical design
Quality Assurance (QA)